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Anger Management

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Anger management does not involve getting rid of all anger, but using anger to enhance your life. We can look at the purposes of anger in both positive and negative light. The positive aspects of anger are that you have increased energy, are able to communicate your feelings, able to problem solve and can take charge of the situation. The negative aspects of anger are that you can have disruption of your thinking, unnecessarily defend yourself, become aggressive and become known as an angry person. Anger management would be seen then as increasing the positive aspects or functions of anger and decreasing the negative functions of anger.

8 Week Anger Management Course Description

Week 1 - Introduction to the problem and types of Anger

Week 2 - What is GOOD about Anger?

Week 3 - Defusing Anger by managing stress

Week 4 - Handling Anger effectively; Anger and Assertiveness

Week 5 - Managing conflict; When to take a time-out

Week 6 - Turn your Anger into forgiveness

Week 7 - Plan to change your life by changing your thinking

Week 8 - How emotional intelligence impacts Anger; Building healthy relationships

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