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Family & Couples Counseling

Building Stronger Families. Together

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Relationships are complex. As we progress through life and learn lessons along our journey, growing as individuals may not involve the same pathways in our relationships, partnerships, and family units. Growing together in relationships and family dynamics requires strong communication skills while working through hardships in an open and honest space.

In relational counseling, we provide a safe and efficient platform to focus on fostering connection and trust, while building communication and problem-solving skills. While therapy may improve distressed relationships, some couples choose to attend therapy to enhance the current relationship and to better understand each other on a deeper level to amplify the established commitment and connection with each other.

While working with families, we focus on creating a therapeutic environment in order to reach honesty, intimacy, connection, and communication.

Family & Couples therapy may address:

  • Healthy communication and conflict resolution

  • Trust, connection, friendship, and intimacy

  • Parenting issues, family planning, and infertility

  • Separation and divorce

  • Grief and loss

  • Violence

  • Addiction and substance abuse

  • Physical or emotional conditions

  • Wondered families

  • Finances and unemployment

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Anger

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