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Dr. Andrea Spicer


Andrea’s area of specialty is resolving issues of depression, anxiety, anger, disappointment, stress or insecurity with children and adults.


Andrea is a Clinically Trained Therapist who utilizes the principles of Bowen Theory for family practice. Andrea also has experience working with the adult forensic population.


She recently completed her DSW, in which she defended her dissertation titled "The Accessibility and Acceptability of Mental Health Care in Rural Illinois".


Andrea is an Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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Wayne Spicer


Wayne’s areas of interest include working with families, adolescents,children, and adults to help them meet their goals, whether it be improving their relationship with others or developing as a person.  He also conducts anger management sessions, either individually or in a group, depending on the need.  


Wayne uses cognitive behavior therapy, systems theory, as well as mindfulness techniques in order to help you meet your goals.  He has fifteen years experience working with families and individuals in various settings.  


Wayne has his master’s degree in social work and is licensed by the State of Illinois as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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Breanna LaMonte

Case Manager


Michelle Wallace,

Michelle has 15+ years experience working in the substance use field. She has previously worked in corrections, residential & outpatient mental health facilities, and has experience providing counseling in individual and group therapy settings. 

Michelle enjoys working with a variety of ages and uses a holistic and client-centered approach, as she believes a client's environment strongly impacts their emotional, physical, and mental state. She believes safety, choice, empowerment, and collaboration are the foundation for a productive and successful therapeutic experience. Coming into the field to assist others in living a more fulfilled and meaningful life, she understands change can quite often be scary. 

"Change is painful—but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong." —Mandy Hale

Mandy has obtained her associate's degree in child development, a bachelor's degree in child, family & community services, and a CADC licence.

Jane McFarland


Jane has worked in several settings with a variety of clientele and completed significant work surrounding trauma. Jane is EMDR-trained, which is a trauma-based therapy modality. She has experience working with clients struggling with addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and relationship challenges, to name a few. 

Jane utilizes a client-centered approach, including unconditional positive regard. Various therapeutic modalities are incorporated when appropriate and applicable. All clients are viewed individually for their specific circumstances and needs. Jane can quickly connect with clients due to the client-centered mindset.

Jane has her master's degree in school counseling and professional counseling. She has completed training for a school psychological examiner, hypnotherapy, and marriage & family therapy. This education has contributed to an eclectic and effective approach to clients and therapy. Jane has previous experience working in private practice, a residential facility for adolescents, and a substance abuse residential facility for adults. 

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